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*Located in Raymond*
Est DoB: April 2022
Energy level: average
Good with: Older children

Little Addie is an absolutely gorgeous calico cat that was being fed by a kind citizen. Even though she was just a kitten herself she was pregnant when she came to us. The LCCR brought her in and now she's in a safe and cozy foster home.

Addie looooves people and is very affectionate. She likes to climb, run, play with toys, and get cuddly with the people she lives with. She loves to rub against legs and will let you pet her until the cows come home, purring all the way.

Addie does not enjoy the company of other cats and would do best as an only pet. She doesn't mind older children who know how to respect her space and approach her gently. Addie was very uncomfortable during her pregnancy and took on an extra kitten that needed a mom. She took amazing care of them and now she's ready for the quiet life.

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