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Est. DoB: July 1, 2022
Energy level: active
Good with: cats, dogs

Our girl Akemi was found living in an alley on the north side of Lethbridge. She had four kittens but two of them had back legs that did not work. One unfortunately died, but the other was transferred to the Calgary location of SNARL, the Special Needs Animal Rescue Leauge.

Akemi and her two other kittens, Puff and Keys, was taken in by a foster family where they have been living the life with their pet dog. Akemi loves the dog and likes to go into the back yard with him on supervised potty breaks. Her forever home will need an outdoor enclosure or catio for her so she can continue to enjoy the outdoors safely.

Akemi is very chatty and will follow you into the bathroom and talk your ear off to let you know she's ready to eat. She loves to cuddle with her babies and will also let you pet and cuddle her but won't stay for long. She prefers her independence. She is still small and young and very playful.

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