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Est. DoB: December 2022
Energy level: relaxed
Good with: cats

Bear was dumped outside of town and eventually showed up on an acreage with an injured leg. Once he was caught and taken to the vet it was discovered that his entire leg was full of infection. It was one of the worst abscess cases the vet had ever seen. He had either gotten caught in something or had been injured by a predator. He was so tired that once he came to us, he slept for three days straight.

If you want a low energy cat, Bear is your new best friend. We think that once Bear came in he decided that having meals placed in front of him and sleeping on soft beds was the absolute best way to live. It might take him a bit to become a cuddle buddy but Bear will happily nap the day away.

Bear is a calm, quiet, gentle cat who loves to be pet. He will let you pick him up and cuddle him as long as it is in a calm and quiet environment. He enjoys just laying in your arms with his little head against your chest, listening to your heartbeat.

He doesn't mind other cats and isn't bothered by much. He would benefit from living with a cat his age or a bit older who can dote on him and to teach him a little more about how wonderful life can be as a cat; but more so to give him confidence through love and grooming.

He will do well with friendly respectful dogs, and will adapt to them in time. He will also do well with older respectful children.

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