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Est. DoB: 23 July 2020
Energy level: average
Good with: some calm cats

Frohikee was discovered in Stirling with his mother Ginger and litter mates Dana, Fox, Rayez, and Scully, as well as older siblings Fin, Puck and Sprite who have all been adopted.

Frohikee is a shy dude. He comes for pets on his terms but when he does come for pets it is extra special because he is choosing you. ​Frohikee is a free spirit who loves to run around and wrestle, but also enjoys some alone time. This short haired boy is full of spunk and attitude. He has always been an independent boy, and is not a fan of new cats. Frohikee likes his cousin Fin, His mom (Ginger) and some of the other cats in the house but he is definitely feline finicky. He picks a chooses who he likes. When he hears dogs barking outside he will growl, so he likely would not do well in a home with dogs. He would do best as an only pet or adopted with his mom, Ginger. He doesn't like door bells, knocks at the door and tends to hide when he hears those loud sounds. His favorite place to nap is on the piano at his foster home! He loves snacks and food time!

If you think you could give this spunky guy a calm quiet home, please fill out an adoption application or contact LCCR for more information!

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