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Est. DoB: November 2021
Energy level: active
Good with: older children, relaxed cats

This black and white tomcat was found in the very same spot a few of our other cats have hunkered down. Thankfully, he wasn't in too bad shape when he arrived.

George Clooney does his namesake proud. He likes to act and gets up to all sorts of silly things just to get attention. Firstly, he will call to you, incessantly, until you look his way and give him a pet. Additionally, he will hop up onto the table and walk all over whatever you're working on while rubbing up against your face.

George is a very affectionate and playful little man. But despite how many times he shows you his belly, DO NOT TOUCH! It is a trap and will always be a trap. Touching the belly will immediately engage hunting mode and your hand will become his prey. But he does enjoy being picked up so he can headbutt your face.

As soon as you crack open a can of cat food this boy is going to be all over it. He isn't chummy with the other cats at the Ranch but he doesn't mind them if they give him his space. He would also do well as an only cat. He has lots of energy so he'll need a family who will bring out the toys every day and play with him.

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