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Est. DoB: December 2020
Activity level: average
Good with: cats

Adorable little Holmz was found by a lovely person when he was franticly searching for shelter in freezing cold weather. His founder took him in and is fostering him until he finds his forever home.

Holmz is such a good boy who loves to greet his fosters at the door as soon as they get home! He is super friendly and is a talkative guy who likes to chirp and trill at his humans. He is super handsome and loving. He loves his chin scratches whenever he can get them!

Holmz is indifferent to the other cats in the home but his foster is helping him create better relationships with the other cats using feliway spray. Holmz is not aggressive at all but would probably do better without kids in the home. He has not been around dogs before so we are not sure how he would respond to them. He is good with strangers and visitors who come into his home.

Holmz is playful and loves cat toys. He enjoys being outside and is currently learning to be on a harness. Holmz is working on litter training as he will often hold his bladder so he needs a home that can be patient and help him get used to and comfortable with his litter box.

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