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Est. DoB: 24 May 2022
Energy level: average kitten
Good with: cats, dogs, and children

James was dropped off in his finder's yard in the summer of 2022 as a baby. These wonderful people have taken him in until he finds his forever home. He is a pretty typical kitten, relaxing for a snooze one minute and then catching a case of the zoomies the next! James is really cute and cuddly and equally playful. He also gets up to some pretty funny shenanigans. He has been known to climb up onto a bookshelf and then cry to be rescued.

James is good with cats, dogs, and children. He likes being outside so a home with a catio would be great for him. James loves meal time and eating. He is really playful and loves to playfight with the other cats in his foster home. He loves tummy rubs, pets, attention and sleeping on his foster mom's bed.

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