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Est DoB: October 2020
Energy level: active
Good with: TBD

Karasu came to the LCCR in rough shape with patches of fur missing and a nasty infection from a bite wound on one of his back legs. Cats that have come off the street and into our care have proven to us time and time again, that despite the rough conditions they lived in, they're still sweet and looking for affection. And Karasu is no different.

Karasu is such a sweet and kind boy with gorgeous long black fur that looks brown in the sunlight. Every time you walk by he'll be sure to meow and follow you around, or call you over for some pets and loving. He is the very definition of a lap cat. Karasu has the biggest heart that is full of so much love. He likes to roll onto his back and show you his furry belly, or nuzzle into your nearest body part.

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