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Est. DoB: September 26, 2022
Energy level: average
Good with: cats

*Located in Coaldale*

Liberty was found living under someone's deck with her two kittens before the three of them were brought to the LCCR. Here's what her foster has to say about Liberty:

"She's an absolute sweetheart and we adore her. Her favorite thing of all time is belly rubs and she is forever flopping over in hopes that you'll give her some. She LOVES her wet food and treats. She knows when it's feeding time and will make it very known that she is hungry. She is really vocal and has the cutest squeaks haha!

"She isn't a lap cat but she loves pets and attention and gets along really well with other cats once she knows them. We take care of my parents small dog sometimes and Liberty is absolutely terrified. She finds the most clever hiding spots in the house (thanks to living outside and fighting for her life until she was rescued. She is an expert hider). But she must have some trauma in her past from dogs because she is so scared.

"She is generally quite a scaredy-cat (I assume from living outside) and doesn't do well with new things. We tried to bring her outside on a harness for the first time and she bolted back into the house so fast. She likes to be where she knows and where she is comfortable."

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