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Est. DoB: January 2022
Energy level: active
Good with: cats, dogs, children

Mate was living out in "the wild" for a long time before he was rescued along with his wifey, Big White, and their daughter, Opal. When he first arrived he was still playing the role of a big tough tomcat. But since he has realized that he is safe and sound, his true personality has emerged.

Mate is a big cuddly teddy bear who loves pets and chin scratches. He doesn't mind being picked up for a cuddle and will rest his big head on his foster mom's shoulder. He's also a big fan of curling up on her lap or in a cozy cat bed. He has a sweet little meow and will call for his people when he wants attention. Trimming his nails is a dream. He'll just sit in your lap and gaze up at you as you do it.

Mate is also a playful dude! He likes to play in the little cat tent his foster mom bought for one of the kittens in her house, even though he's a bit big for it. He loves to grab onto a soft toy or nip stick and bunny kick it for fun.

Mate has good manners and is happy to coexist with anyone. He does well with other cats and with small dogs. He does get a little excited when he's playing, but he would do well with children as well.

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