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Est DoB: April 22, 2020
Energy level: average - relaxed
Good with: cats

Poor Paluba was found under someone's deck. When he didn't move for three days we decided to bring him in. He took a visit to the vet where he was very quiet. They discovered many bite wounds all over his body from scraps with other cats out on the street. A few were so bad they had become infected.

Despite a rough start to life, Paluba is proving to be an absolute sweetheart. He is a gentle giant who loves being brushed and having his chunky cheeks rubbed. He will start purring quietly when you pet him and will often roll over and show you his belly. He'll even let you pick him up and carry him around like a sweet little baby. He is very relaxed and enjoys the quiet life. He has the most incredible sea foam green eyes and adorable innocent face. He loves the fresh air and would do well in a home with a safe open window or an enclosed patio.

Paluba has Feline Leukemia, a virus that can make cats very sick. Cats with this virus can life a long and full life, but Paluba will need to be the only cat in his new home. However, he can live with other animals such as dogs, birds, etc.

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