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Est. DoB: July 1, 2023
Energy level: active - kitten
Good with: cats

Pepper was born in an LCCR foster home. She was the smallest of her litter, and despite having a rough start to life she has proven to be quite the underdog (so to speak.)

Pepper is now a spunky little lady who doesn't run and hide when her big brothers come to play. She's just as tough as the rest of them and is equally as sweet. If you want to win her heart all you have to do is play with her. Play, play, and play some more. It's her all-time favourite activity.

Pepper likes to curl up next to her people on the couch and at bedtime she's bound to come find you for a few pets before curling up at your feet for the night. She does not like being picked up, so her forever family will need to patiently help her see that she's safe in their arms.

Because she is still a kitten, Pepper needs to be adopted with another cat or into a home that already has one.

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