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Est. DoB: TBD
Energy level: relaxed
Good with: cats

When Phineas was trapped and brought to us his left ear was frostbitten and his right eye was injured. But after some TLC at The Ranch he's feeling much better.

Phineas looks like a big black house panther, but he's actually a shy softie. He doesn't like loud noises or quick movements, so he should live in a home free of dogs and children. Phineas is a bit timid so you need to take a slow approach. Let him check you out and give you a sniff, and then he's likely to let you give him a head rub, which he adores!

Phineas often likes to sleep inside his hut or other little caves or dens. We'll often find him tucked away for a nap with only his little back feet sticking out. If you give those little tootsies a pet you'll discover he is incredibly soft. Once he has warmed up to you, he loves head rubs and scratches under his chin and behind his ears. He's a gentle boy who will relax as you love on him.

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